The Right Way?

The guide book for the parent hasn’t been written yet

As your kids grow up you don’t know what woes you’ll get

Sometimes it’s a breeze and life just fumbles on

And before you know it your children have up and gone

But sometimes children meet the bullies that’s when life gets tough

As a parent it can be fraught and extremely rough

You never know which way to turn, what is right or wrong

Whichever road you travel the journey can be long

You want to hold your children and say everything’s OK

But really you don’t know what to do or what to say

You want to beat the bully up and make them understand

That what they’re doing is really underhand

That what their actions leave is scars that never heal

The impact what they do and how it makes you feel

Your children are so precious; you want to guide them right

And lead them down the path that is truly bright

Take your time and contemplate the right road to take

Make sure your decisions are the right ones to make

Guide them wisely, nurture them to make the right decision

Don’t let the bullies cloud the final vision


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