A day not so ordinary – A drabble

She felt no pain; it was almost as if it hadn’t happened. She thought she had heard something, like a gunshot but she wasn’t sure. In fact, if it wasn’t for the red sticky liquid that had started to soak up the blue flowery pattern of her dress and was now seeping between her fingers she wouldn’t have believed it had happened. Darkness slowly consumed Linda, her body feeling more and more lifeless. The day had started so ordinary, just a normal day as a Mystery Shopper, then a bank raid and now it felt like certain death.

One thought on “A day not so ordinary – A drabble

  1. Aren’t Drabbles a great way to force you to distil your words down to the bare bones? And this one reinforces the constant promise/threat of fate. Poor Linda. It all started so well for her.


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