Accidental Hero

“This is pathetic, I look stupid.” Gary pulled on the red underpants and looked discouragingly in the mirror.

“Apart from anything else I’m going to catch my death, and that’s not to mention the people who are going to pee themselves laughing today.” Gary surveyed his crotch area mentally putting a shield around his nether region to stop people seeing.

“It’s a gimmick son, you’ve got to join in the spirit of things.”

“But Dad I don’t see you dressing up!”

“Why have a dog and bark yourself, besides I’m already a super hero for employing you and working with you every day.” Dad laughed as he looked at Gary but Gary wasn’t laughing.

At first it had started out as a joke. Window cleaning in a Superman outfit, but it caught peoples’ attention and Bob’s client book had doubled since Gary had started wearing it.

Today though Gary was being very uncooperative much to his Dad’s annoyance.

“Look Son I know you don’t like it but with the expansion of the company since you started wearing it I can afford to give you an extra 50p an hour. How does that sound?”

Gary still wasn’t convinced but for an extra 50 pence an hour he could live with it for the time being. And he had to admit he had been getting a few more stares from the female species lately. Although even he couldn’t quite see the resemblance of him as Superman.  He had joined the gym and although the training was good he still needed a lot of work to mimic Superman’s six pack.

With ladders at the ready he scaled the dizzy heights of the window cleaning empire cleaning for Mr Patel at the corner shop. With one window all sparkling clean he dismounted and grabbed the ladder with new vigour as Katie from number 22 Higher Street walked past.

He cleaned her Mum’s windows and relished cleaning her bedroom window, often fantasising about her standing there scantily clad whilst he cleaned the window. But so far no such luck, but a boy had to dream. His cheesy grin gave him away

Totally engrossed in watching her, he heard Mr Patel shouting from inside the shop.

“Stop that thief.” Just as a lad ran out of the shop pushing into Katie knocking her to the ground. With ladder still in hand Gary swung round and hit the lad with the end of the ladder sending him flying. The lad lay dazed on the ground whilst Gary wedged him under the ladder pinning him down.

“Call the Police Mr Patel I’ve got him.” Mr Patel pulled Katie to her feet then called the Police.

“Are you OK?” Gary’s attention turned to Katie once again.

“”Wow you really are a super hero, aren’t you?” Gary grinned back at Katie and for the first time that day Gary was pleased he had put on the Superman outfit. He had a feeling he would be wearing it more often.


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