Buds and blooms, snowdrops and swallows

Laced with the promise of summer that follows

Hide from the showers then bask in the sun

That’s how you know Spring has begun

Enjoy the blossom before wind sweeps it away

Enjoy the changes each and every day

Spring is the taster of what lies ahead

Rooted in plants and the flower bed

Watch the vegetables growing sturdy and strong This is what you’ve waited for all winter long


4 thoughts on “Spring

  1. What a lovely, bouncy poem, Tina! It reminds me very much of spring: rebirth, new beginnings, excitable lambs gambolling in the fields. It uses evocative languge to draw the reader in, and with only a hint of winter at the end of the poem, it’s packed full of hope of what’s to come. And it rhymes, too, so it’s a proper poem and very uplifting. It helps lift our spirits, especially during these trying times.

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      1. I love the site. It’s simple to navigate, and there’s lots to read. I’ll keep dipping in and out. After Ali’s Blog course, I’ll have a look at setting up an account and then I’ll come to you for help. Thanks for introducing it.

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  2. This is a wonderful poem which sits very apposite in the thorough read-through of all your writing, Tina. Following on from ‘Death Head Ring’ it serves very nicely as a literary cleansing of the palate. I mean no disrespect in ascribing a different function to your words. I merely attest that far from being simply, but successfully so, a promissory balm to the freezer burn of Winter, this poem’s ability to restore calm to the readers heavily-impacted senses gives it added success. You go from strength to strength with each and every offering.


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