The Horse came back alone — Kashariyot

The Horse came back alone. It had always been a possibility but the fact Horse came back at all meant it had been a success. Three had set off Horse, Goat and Sheep, with names changed to mask their true identity. The journey had been arduous and no one really expected the mission to succeed but never the less they had to try. When word had got back from Abba Kovner in Vilna via the Underground Movement that so many lives were at stake then something had to be done and the call for resistance emerged. We weren’t just talking a hundred or a thousand but tens of thousands lives. The mission was crucial. Life could not carry on as it had been, so many lives affected. Innocent people were dying, dying at the hands of one man. But who would believe them, how could they retell the atrocities they had heard on the unsuspecting ears?

            Horse looked pale, the journey etched into her face forever like a badge of honour. It would never leave her and no one except her would really know what she had to endure to arrive safely home after her journey to Grodno. But one thing was for sure she knew that what she had achieved would change the way things were for many people. They would never know the things those eyes had seen but because of her they may just live.

            “Good to have you back, I can’t begin to imagine what you have been through and in time I’m sure you will tell us but for now all we need to know is that your mission was successful?”

            “Yes, the mission was successful, there were times that I thought my cover had been blown but thanks to Sheep I managed to make my hegira and evade the Germans, unfortunately to save me she put herself in danger and for that I must be eternally grateful.” Her non-stereotypical blue eyes darkened, a trait, along with her blonde hair that had made her an ideal candidate for the Kashariyot. Horse had been bought up in a Polish community unlike other people her age who were bought up in the Jewish community because of this she had not adopted the mannerisms of a Jewish girl and could pass as a Pole. At the time Horse had felt disjointed from her community but it was now very helpful.

            “You must rest, your journey has been long and it may not be long before you are called on again.” Horse knew this was not going to be her last mission there was talk that they would be needed to smuggle in guns and ammunition. It was something she wasn’t relishing but she would endure for the sake of humanity.

            Just then Edyta, a pale, slight, six year old Jewish girl ran up to Horse and flung her arms around her. The excitement of seeing her visibly portrayed in the usually solemn child. They had struck up a bond when Edyta’s Mother and Father had been taken away months previous. Since then Edyta eyed everyone with caution except Horse. Edyta had no idea what had happened to her family but Horse knew that their fate lay in the gas chambers but how could she tell this vulnerable child she would never see her parents again. Her only hope was to make her feel as loved as possible. Edyta’s story was not unique, parents had been told of relocation for a better life, if this was so then why were they herded like cattle. Edyta had become separated from her parents; little did she know that this would save her life.

            As Horse encompassed her close to her chest she swore to herself to protect her until she was old enough to know the truth.


One thought on “The Horse came back alone — Kashariyot

  1. I initially found what I thought were mixed cultural references here, but it didn’t spoil your intent. It just caused me to do a double-take on what I thought I already knew of certain words.
    Once again you show us that you are open to influence from anything and anywhere. The story has all the courage and conviction of the heroine, and the way you always combine a charity to counterpoint the pain of the tale is indicative of your very own personality. It is hard to conceal one’s true self when writing with an open mind and open heart.


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