Turkish Delight

Tanya opened the parcel and carefully un-wrapped the delicate tissue paper, fingers fumbling with excitement. There it was – an array of sequins, velvet, and chiffon. She stepped into the black asymmetric skirt, tied the belly dancing scarf around her waist and lifted up the bra top embellished with black and gold sequins. Adding a turquoise belly button jewel she surveyed herself in the mirror. A satisfied smile crept across her face. She steadied her shaking hands with a glass of Tia Maria before applying her makeup. Usually she wouldn’t entertain the idea but today called for it. The warmth of the liquid spread through her body making her feel warm and excited.

            Ringing the door bell of the club, she waited anxiously. Tanya’s nerves were about to get the better of her but the door opened and it was too late to run.

“You must be Miss. Gordon. I’m Gary, the Manager, come in.” She followed him through the entrance hall. Eyeing him up and down she couldn’t help but notice the fit of his jeans around the cutest bum she had ever seen. He turned round to speak and she wondered if he had noticed her looking.

“I understand you belly dance?” Tanya looked down at her outfit and laughed.

 “Sorry, that was a stupid thing to say.” Gary looked a bit embarrassed. Once through the stage curtains he walked to a chair at the side of the stage and sat down.

“Can you show me your act please?”

            Tanya placed her CD player on the floor and pressed the play button, the drum beat started and Tanya’s feet glided across the floor, the beat set by the drum and zils. Tanya started shaking her hips and dancing across the floor, arms raised she mimicked the zils as if she were playing them. Standing in front of Gary she gave a shimmy. Raising his eyebrows he moved from a slumped uninterested stance into an upright position. The hand that had been shielding his face fell onto his lap.

Tanya could feel a warm glow spreading from her groin and down her legs, she wondered if it was still the Tia Maria affecting?

            Tilting her hip she shimmied over to Gary and on tip toes danced around his chair. Raising her arms she made a wave formation, her hand undulating in a hand floreo. Gary’s eyes were level with her waist, he stared at her bare stomach as if hypnotised by a snake, a smile spreading across his newly parted lips. With her hands placed on his shoulders she moved round the back of him pulling her hands up and caressing his face. Running her fingers through his hair she moved back round so she was standing in front of him again. She knew her behaviour was not part of the routine but she couldn’t help herself. She lifted her leg so she was standing astride him. His eyes looked up to her and then they were kissing. Light kisses made way for passionate ones. His hands caressing her ample breasts, she was no longer dancing, wrapped up in the euphoric feelings that were washing over her. She had forgotten that only ten minutes earlier Gary had been just someone who was interviewing her for a dance routine. Heart racing she was in the middle of the most erotic sensation of her life. Pulling away slightly she started to undulate her hips in time with the music, her face still close to his, he reached forward to kiss her, his hand travelling up the inside of her leg but she pulled away ever so slightly, making her just outside his grasp. Never before had she behaved like this and for the life of her she had no idea what was making her feel this way.

Gary shifted to the front of the chair, making her attainable and reached out to grasp her waist; he pulled her closer and sat her astride him. Gently pulling her hair he kissed the nape of her neck, following the line of cleavage down until his head was nestled between her breasts, cupping them with both hands he gently massaged the fullness within his palm. Groans of ecstasy brushed Tanya’s ears and she knew Gary was enjoying it as much as she was. Warmth from Gary’s groin was now penetrating the silk knickers Tanya was wearing and his hardness grazed her groin with every undulation she made. She spread her arms further round the back of his neck revelling in the touch of his hands on her skin, caressing, tweaking her nipples until they stood hard and proud. Tanya was totally oblivious to where she was or to the fact that she barely knew this man. Every nerve ending in her body was alive and tingling.

            The only problem was, would she get the job after this performance? Suddenly a loud bang from behind the stage curtain penetrated both their ears and with a sudden jolt Gary leapt off the chair, nearly causing Tanya to fall in a heap on the floor. Regaining composure Tanya smoothed her outfit down and went over to her CD player to turn it off.  Gary turned to look at her with a flushed, almost embarrassed face. The realisation that someone else was actually in the building finally occurred to them both, something Tanya hadn’t even thought about.

            “Um, I’m sorry about that, I don’t know what came over me.” Gary apologised. Not really being sorry at all as the whole experience had been somewhat eye opening for him.

            “I…I… don’t usually do that sort of thing to total strangers, I’m so sorry.” Tanya was fumbling for words and they all seemed to tumble out at once.

            “Look, I love the idea of the act and would love to use it for the Arabian night. But I think we need to talk about the routine further?” Gary regained his professionalism.

            “I’d love to.”


One thought on “Turkish Delight

  1. OH MY GOD! I had to start reading this again before I’d gotten beyond ‘bra top’ because I’d misread the very first word. Please forgive me, but I had Tina in my mind, it is was all I could do to not picture you in the starring role.
    This was so much fun to read, and what a performance you’ve given your readers, with yet another brave and totally successful foray into the eclectic repertoire you clearly thrive on. Absolutely perfect pace and delivery. Your vocabulary is nailing it. It is so easy to overdo it when attempting to write the risque, but not you. I had to laugh out loud when you told us that Gary had moved to an ‘upright’ position. I thought ‘Yeah. I bet he has.’ And then you just opened the throttle and I was all over it like a rash from then on. Good grief, I sound like a total perv, but in my defence I can say it’s all your fault, Tany…er, Tina.

    Liked by 1 person

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