Facebook – My False Friend

Well we’ve all done it – be honest, clicked like on a post with no comment, after all it’s easy. But look at this scenario, someone’s posted on Facebook “My best friend Toby, my beloved dog has died”. This is met with a tirade of comments like, “Oh hun, I’m sorry to hear that, I’m here if you need me” – at this point I want to shout “No I don’t know where you are because you never call.” Or they may say “That’s terrible, if there’s anything I can do please let me know.” Well how many of us would call up and say “Well could you just talk to me?”. Yet if they say “I’ll call you to see if you need anything,” then it’s not down to you to have to ask because most of us don’t ask, we suffer in silence.

The instant gratification from getting 300 people, liking, loving or caring emojis is great, comforting even, but it doesn’t last. But what does it really mean?

A 5 second read and push one button, then move on to the next comment in your news feed, your friend who’s lost their dog never to cross your mind again? Then what happens when your comment on Facebook is no longer coming up on peoples News Feed. You have been forgotten but your pains still there.

Then you start to think why did someone like/love the comment? Are they happy my dog’s dead? Why did they just put an emoji and not comment?

But then we can take it one step further, who really picks up the phone or messages you offering help? Help comes in all shapes and forms, it could be physical but more often than not, it’s the emotional support we all need. But that takes time and only the stalwart friends will really do that.

So, the big question is do we all really care? Well I think there are degrees of caring. To a degree I think we mostly all care, but the question is do we care enough? We can all press an emoji or comment on Facebook but it takes a certain friend to take their comments one step further.

A call or message can brighten everyone’s day. Maybe make a conscious effort to do something nice for someone at least once a week. That person might really be struggling and you could just be the person that brightens their day and makes them realise life is worth living and someone does care.

We all need to know people are there for us.


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