Pudding Surprise

He looked at his phone, turned pale, then quickly left the room. She watched him, smiling. Her plan was working, she would get her own back and he wouldn’t know what had hit him. That would teach him to stick his wick in another candle, and especially just before Christmas.

She loved Christmas and this year she was going to put her whole heart and soul into it, he was going to realise what he would be missing in the new year.  She would wait though until he had no idea what she was up to. Boxing day should do fine, in front of his parents. Perfect. They say revenge is sweet and it would be, very sweet.

Tying a bow around the base she smiled to herself. The sticky, gooey remainder still sitting in the bowl, the piquant aroma tickling her nostrils, releasing a warm Christmassy feel. Sticking her finger in the bowl she scooped a loaded finger full and placed it tantalisingly on her tongue. The citrus explosion of zest and spices took her back to four years ago when Toby had proposed to her. It had been a magical day. Both families were present when Toby got down on one knee in front of the twinkling red and gold decorated fireplace and proposed. The faint smell of the cinnamon stick candle they had purchased a few days before filtered through from the hall. The Amaretto filled glasses that had been warmed by the fire were raised to toast the happy couple. It was such a happy occasion.

They had a Christmas tradition, each year they would bake a Christmas pudding for Boxing Day. It was loved by the whole family, and had been something they did together. Anna would assemble all the ingredients, then Toby would mix it all together and then they would scrape the mixture into the bowl ready for baking. This year though Toby had been called away by the text before the mixture had been put into the bowl, leaving Anna to do it by herself. She didn’t expect him back for a while, after all when you receive a text from your lover telling you she’s pregnant, then there is a lot to discuss. He had no clue she knew, in fact he had told her it was a work thing, but she knew. She knew he had been screwing around, she knew every single lie he’d told and soon he’d know that she knew.

Assembled round the table for the Boxing day dinner, glasses chinked along with the general chitter chatter of the families. With the main course finished, Anna disappeared into the kitchen to prepare the pudding for the table. It was steaming hot. Placing it strategically on the table so the holly berry was facing Toby, she passed him the spoon to serve. He dished up the dessert in the same manner her had each year, clockwise round the table, dishing his up last. With everyone served and the brandy sauce poured, they all tucked in.

“Ow, there’s something hard in my pudding.” Everyone turned to look at Toby who was cradling his jaw in his hands. A slight smile creeping across Anna’s face. Toby pulled the offending object out of his mouth with a gasp.

“It’s your engagement ring Anna, had you not realised it was missing?”

“More to the point, had you not realised it was missing? Maybe if you had spent more time with me and less time with your pregnant bit on the side then you may have noticed.” Toby’s face looked shell shocked at the realisation that his secret was no longer a secret. “We had a nice chat at the doctors when we went for our Anti-Natal check. Of course, she didn’t know who I was but I sure as hell knew who she was, considering she was prattling on about you the whole time. It was Toby this and Toby that, and as there’s not too many Tobys’ about it didn’t take me long to figure it out. I take it she has no idea I’m pregnant too?” Toby’s head fell in his hands, answering her question, as the whole table fell silent.


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