Secrets of the Emerald Circle

Behind the fans, the makeup and the courteous demeanour, envious sisters plot eternal revenge.

It had been brewing for years, they had worked hard on their façade, in fact that is what had made them famous – rich and famous, but that was not enough, nowhere near enough. Underneath it all lay secrets and lies and a deep-seated understanding between the two sisters that come hell or high water the secrets of the Emerald Circle would be broken by them, and them alone.

The Emerald Circle was signified by three intertwined, emerald rings, if one piece was missing then the ring was useless, but together they unlocked the secret to the Matcha tea. The recipe to the ceremonial grade tea had been locked away in an Asian tea chest for centuries. The Sisters had two parts of the ring but the third was on the finger of their step sister, Amelia, who refused to give it up. Once they had that then they could give up their performing life, as the tea would be worth so much more. Not only could they command a high price for the tea but their status would rise. 

The only problem was this feud had been going on for generations, the rings had been handed down from mother to daughters for centuries. Every generation more and more determined to open the chest but with it came bitter rivalry, jealousy and betrayal.

Now the time had come to bring this to an end. Within the hour the ring would be theirs and the dynasty within their grasp. As they prepared their act they practised with Amelia, she was so excited to be part of it. She had been hankering to get in on the act for years and finally the girls had agreed but they were going to use it to their advantage.

With make-up on and dressed in their flamboyant, colourful, chiffon dresses they secured their matching fans to their hands tightly weaving the loose cotton from the fans under their rings and around their fingers. With the fans tightly secured to the fingers by the thread, the girls could dance without the fear of dropping them. As they closely sashed around each other, twirling each other round, Elisabeth tightly held onto the end of Amelia’s fan string as she twirled the girl around and with one tug the emerald ring slid from Amelia’s delicate, long finger. With the slightest touch, Lena grabbed the fan, then dropped it, after securing the ring. Amelia totally oblivious to what had just happened carried on dancing thinking that she had just dropped the fan. Finishing their set the girls took a bow and retreated to their respective changing rooms, where bags packed and passports ready they swiftly left for their flight to Japan.

Amelia, realising the ring was gone was frantically searching the stage for the elusive ring, oblivious to the fact she had been duped.


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