Life so fragile

The snow is falling gently, it’s quiet all around

Everyone’s in their own world, on the streets there’s not a sound,

Lights are twinkling brightly, indicating there’s life within

But not in Gordon’s heart, he’s soaked to the skin

His feet ache with the frost bite, his clothes have seen better days

A cardboard box his only friend at night in which he lays

He trudges through the snow

He has nowhere to go

This Christmas will be lonely, nowhere to call home

Life wasn’t always like this, always on the roam

Once he had a family, a house by the sea

A wife, a family, children, one, two, three

But then life took a tumble and everything went wrong

He lost the family that once was so strong

A fire took his home, his family and his wife

And left him with a lost and lonely life

So spare a thought for Gordon and people just like him

And realise that maybe your life is not so grim

Tina Cleveland ©


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