As we entered 2021 it was not with as much gusto as when we entered 2020. Little did we realise at the start of last year, what would be cast on us and that for many, life would change out of all recognition. The emotional cost has probably not been as bad as this since WWII, the difference being then that it was mainly the young who died, whereas this time it has been the elderly mostly affected.

We have all had to learn to adapt, whether it be, home schooling, losing loved ones, losing jobs, poverty or being lonely. Some people have adapted better than others and for some people life will never go back to the way it was. For some this may be a good thing, for others it may not.

But with anything in life there are winners and losers, for example if your company manufacturers face masks then business is booming but if you’re in the hospitality industry then finances are dire. There is an old saying that “one mans loss is another man’s gain” and that has never been truer than now.

Being in the grips of the second big lockdown, it feels so different to the first. It was spring, we could still have barbecues and we could spend time in the garden. We thought things were bad then, little did we know they were going to get a whole lot worse. During this second big lockdown, COVID rates are off the scale in comparison to the first and we are all so tired of the situation. Frontline Healthcare workers are on their knees both physically and emotionally. But even with the hope of the vaccine, it still feels like there is no end.

So here are few things I have learnt this past year.

  1. Change happens, learn to adjust and deal with it.
  2. People you thought you could rely on aren’t always the ones you can and visa versa.
  3. Life is short, embrace the little things in life because they may be small but sometimes, they can feel very big.

But what ever your circumstances there has never been a better time to be kind to people. You really don’t know their journey and should not judge. We all get one crack at life so let’s make it the best it can be.

So if you are struggling and need help, reach out to me, I will be there for you. 


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