Interview with M.B. Blissett (Part 2)

I would like to thank Matt for talking to our writing group and giving us an insight as to how

he writes and what makes him tick.

He started by telling us a little bit about himself.

Matt comes from Norfolk. He has always been interested in writing and started independent reading from an early age. By 11/12 years old he was reading Stephen king novels in the library and recording himself reading them.

He became addicted to writing advice but he said writing is revealing yourself. He writes every day and takes it very seriously. He also said “He has to keep swimming” and that nothing stops him writing.

Until She Sings was his first book which he independently published.

When he came to write Laughing Boy, he was trying to write his take on Stephen King and exploring grief and pain.

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere was inspired by life falling apart but not by the characters own doing.

I then asked him a few questions

Which genre do you prefer for writing?

Definitely crime – it is the oldest primal genre

What makes writing fun for you?

The feeling of having written, it is my joy

How do you decide on names, places etc?

I use Google Translate and a lot. I also like using words in another language, in The Lightening Thesaurus I used Japonic language

Because it’s fantasy do you worry about inferring things that readers might not understand? 

Constantly, but I hope they do understand

As you’re world building how much planning do you do in advance?

Generally, it’s done in advance in my head but it is important to write it all down

Zepyrus and Ron are very unique, how did you come up with that idea?

I came up with the characters whilst playing Dungeons & Dragons, my friend was playing a half dragon/Wizard who was Zephyrus

How many books are you considering in the Ron Brandywood Capers series and will Zephyrus be returning?

There are twenty planned and I’m working on number 9 at the moment and yes Zephyrus will be returning.

Will you be writing just this series now or do you have plans for anything else?

Although I have plans for other books I am working on a supernatural thriller at the moment.

The Lightening Thesaurus is now out on Amazon. Check out all Matt’s books which are also available on Amazon. You can also check out his website M.B. Blissett will also be attending Great Yarmouth Comic Con on August 14th – August 15th 2021

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