A new writing website – Enterprising Writers

Any one starting out in the writing world will understand, it can feel like a very lonely road. It is very isolating and at times you can feel like no one understands. People don’t look on your new found profession as a proper job, it’s just a hobby, however much you protest. Then the Imposter Syndrome kicks in, before you know it you have talked yourself out of writing that book, submitting that story or even finishing a piece of writing. So we all need motivation.

Help is on hand thanks to the Enterprising Writers website, full of helpful information, covering writing, motivation, publishing and marketing. There are courses to complete, a forum to ask questions and discuss writing subjects and a nifty calendar which shows what writing competitions are coming up. All this for just £12 a month or £120 a year.

I can definitely recommend it as it’s my go to writing website.

Check out the website here https://www.enterprisingwriters.com/


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