Embarrassing Moment

Many years ago, I worked in the account’s office of a shipping company in Lowestoft. Every lunch time I would walk home and sometimes on my way back to work one of the lads from the docks with a van would stop and give me a lift. We will call the man Anthony for the purposes of this story as there was nothing in it, it was purely platonic as he was married.

One particular day I had a lot of bags to take back with me and he stopped to pick me up, what I hadn’t realised was that when he dropped me back that I hadn’t picked up all my bags and had left one in the van.

I went to the Control office to see Tony and asked him to put a radio call out to the driver to drop my bag back to me when he passed. Whilst I was waiting for Tony to radio him I stood looking out of the big window that looked out over the docks. Tony went on the radio and announced “Could Anthony please bring back Tina’s knickers that she left in your van.”

The problem was that Tony hadn’t just sent the message out to Anthony, he had radioed everyone on the dock with a radio, who all proceeded to look up and laugh at the Control Office where I was standing in the window.

It took me a long time to get over that one and a lot of explaining.


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