A Professional through and through

Last year I achieved a childhood dream – to meet Martin Shaw aka Doyle in The Professionals, Judge John Deed, The Chief and recently The Long Call.

It happened by chance on a day trip to Duxford War Museum, in Cambridge, a favourite with my family. It was a beautiful day in August and we had spent a good part of the day there. We had gone into the renovation hanger to cool off as it was very warm. As I turned around I saw this figure walking towards me on his way to the exit, he was with friends which was another reason why I was reluctant to stop him. As he passed me, he winked. I nudged my husband who encouraged me to go and speak as he knew I was a big fan, but I stalled as I was aware as well as being out with friends that he had taken a stalker to court before when she wouldn’t leave him alone. I didn’t want to appear intrusive but then I thought that if I didn’t speak to him I would regret it for the rest of my life. He had just disappeared through the exit door when I plucked up the courage and shouted to him. Much to my delight, he came back. We had a little chat and he agreed to have a photo taken with me. To say I was star-struck was an understatement, he was so nice and friendly. As we continued around Duxford I bumped into him a number of times and he would wave. I was absolutely thrilled to have met him and glad that I had taken the steps to speak to him. You hear of so many stars who have no time for fans but Martin Shaw was not one of those. I have since written to his agent and asked him if I can feature him in my book to which he agreed.

Although I liked him in The Professionals my favourite programme was Judge John Deed, the chemistry between him and Jenny Seagrove was phenomenal. I was a fan before but seeing him has cemented my following for him.

In my opinion, Martin Shaw is a credit to the acting profession but more than that he has made a dream come true for me. I often smile when I think of that day.

Have you met someone you would really like to see in real life? Tell me about it.


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