Picture this

The dark moody sky made way for a spectacle that Alice had never witnessed before, the sky came alive and danced before her eyes, swirling and shimmering with such majestic colours. She could hear the sound of the water cascading down the rocks into the ice blue water beneath. She could almost taste the freshnessContinue reading “Picture this”


Make someone smile

You’re too thin, you’re too fat You’re too tall, you’re too short You’re self-opinionated, you’re too shy You’re too loud, you’re too quiet You’re not caring, you’re too caring You talk too much, you don’t talk enough These are things I hear every day about people. Why can’t people appreciate people for who they areContinue reading “Make someone smile”

The wrong side of the law

Greg felt invincible since getting his brand new car. He had been through a speed trap, parked on double yellers and driven the wrong way down a one way street. He was invisible, there were no repercussions.           “Your cars booked in for its service, just remind me of the make, model and colour please”Continue reading “The wrong side of the law”