The easiest person to forget

Deborah surveyed the blank spaces on the calendar – what a difference a year had made. Last December she had been inundated with parties, meals and nights out, but this year it was a different story. Her New Years Resolution had seen to that, it was the one and only resolution she had stuck to.Continue reading “The easiest person to forget”

The business of being a nobody

Having spent the past 20 years not working I have sometimes felt like a nobody. I reckon 90% of my friends have no clue what I did for a living before becoming a full time Mum. When you meet people the first thing they say is “What do you do?” When you say I’m aContinue reading “The business of being a nobody”

Facebook – My False Friend

Well we’ve all done it – be honest, clicked like on a post with no comment, after all it’s easy. But look at this scenario, someone’s posted on Facebook “My best friend Toby, my beloved dog has died”. This is met with a tirade of comments like, “Oh hun, I’m sorry to hear that, I’mContinue reading “Facebook – My False Friend”