Embarrassing Moment

Many years ago, I worked in the account’s office of a shipping company in Lowestoft. Every lunch time I would walk home and sometimes on my way back to work one of the lads from the docks with a van would stop and give me a lift. We will call the man Anthony for theContinue reading “Embarrassing Moment”


Make someone smile

You’re too thin, you’re too fat You’re too tall, you’re too short You’re self-opinionated, you’re too shy You’re too loud, you’re too quiet You’re not caring, you’re too caring You talk too much, you don’t talk enough These are things I hear every day about people. Why can’t people appreciate people for who they areContinue reading “Make someone smile”

Life so fragile

The snow is falling gently, it’s quiet all around Everyone’s in their own world, on the streets there’s not a sound, Lights are twinkling brightly, indicating there’s life within But not in Gordon’s heart, he’s soaked to the skin His feet ache with the frost bite, his clothes have seen better days A cardboard boxContinue reading “Life so fragile”