Trainer Tim and The Little People

One upon a time there was a man called Trainer Tim, he loved bright coloured trainers. He was very proud of them and people used to email him from across the world requesting personalised trainers, that was until another craze came along and orders started to dry up.

One night before going to bed he sat looking at the order book, it was not looking good, he only had a few more pairs to make. Before leaving he set out all the material for a pair he was working on for a man in Hong Kong. Everything was ready and so he gently closed the door and went to bed.

The next day he got up and after eating a delicious breakfast he went downstairs to start on the new pair of trainers. As he opened the door, to his amazement there on the bench was the trainer’s he was supposed to be working on that day, all made up, not a stitch out of place, and exactly to the spec he had left on the bench. He was amazed.

The same thing happened the next day and the next but he had no idea how or why these trainers came to be made up, and especially by who.

The next night he had an idea, he hid behind a shelf, of course he had to have some comforts, it could be a long night. So, armed with a bottle of fizzy drink and a big bag of crisps he lay in wait. Just after midnight the front door opened and in came the smallest people you could ever imagine. They wore football shirts and shorts  but they had nothing on their feet. Again, they made up the trainers under the watchful eye of Trainer Tim and left.

Trainer Tim felt so sorry for the little people that he decided to do something for them so the next day he set out to make 3 pairs of the tiniest trainers he had ever made.

That night again he lay in wait. Again, just after midnight the door opened and in came the little people, again with nothing on their feet. They stared at the made up trainers, whispering between themselves they tried them on. They fitted perfectly, out of the shop they danced a merry dance.

Trainer Tim never saw the little people again but he had so many orders for his trainers that he never had to worry about money again.

Photo by Lefteris kallergis on Unsplash


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