The easiest person to forget

Deborah surveyed the blank spaces on the calendar – what a difference a year had made. Last December she had been inundated with parties, meals and nights out, but this year it was a different story. Her New Years Resolution had seen to that, it was the one and only resolution she had stuck to.Continue reading “The easiest person to forget”

First Impressions

I’m watching you sitting opposite me, but you are totally oblivious, you have no idea and I reckon you wouldn’t even care if you did. I saw you a few minutes ago, your bodies morphed into one as you both shuffled down the tunnel to catch the tube. His arm draped around your shoulders, bothContinue reading “First Impressions”

The long goodbye

               Phil stood in front of the large blue front door, something he had done so many times before. The difference was he used to use his own key to gain entry, it didn’t seem appropriate these days though, especially after such a long time. He could feel the impression of the key digging intoContinue reading “The long goodbye”

The wrong side of the law

Greg felt invincible since getting his brand new car. He had been through a speed trap, parked on double yellers and driven the wrong way down a one way street. He was invisible, there were no repercussions.           “Your cars booked in for its service, just remind me of the make, model and colour please”Continue reading “The wrong side of the law”

The business of being a nobody

Having spent the past 20 years not working I have sometimes felt like a nobody. I reckon 90% of my friends have no clue what I did for a living before becoming a full time Mum. When you meet people the first thing they say is “What do you do?” When you say I’m aContinue reading “The business of being a nobody”

Billy Don’t Be a Hero

Katie stood next to Billy with her head nestled on his shoulder, the pain of his departure was almost too much to bare. Her heart ached with each passing minute, she couldn’t bear the thought that this was the last time she would seem him for a while. The thought that he might never return,Continue reading “Billy Don’t Be a Hero”

Harbour Lights

It seemed like days since she had been standing on the shore welcoming William home again. Two months at sea was torture but the parting after three weeks together was far worse. The harbour lights twinkled through the stubborn tears that welled, holding onto her lashes like her love for William, refusing to let go.Continue reading “Harbour Lights”

Three times round the tree

Once, twice….. dare she do it three times? Katie looked at Sophie with big, wide, brown eyes that danced with eagerness. “Go on……..go on.” Katie’s devilish smile egging her on, but all the while her sensible side resisting. “You’ve stopped, now you’re going to have to start again or it won’t count.” Sophie thought aboutContinue reading “Three times round the tree”

Trainer Tim and The Little People

One upon a time there was a man called Trainer Tim, he loved bright coloured trainers. He was very proud of them and people used to email him from across the world requesting personalised trainers, that was until another craze came along and orders started to dry up. One night before going to bed heContinue reading “Trainer Tim and The Little People”

A Window to the World

Alice sat on her favourite chair in the bay window. Her eye sight wasn’t what it used to be; she couldn’t see things with clarity anymore. But then that was to be expected at her age, especially as she had Age Related Macular Degenerate. Her eye sight had been failing for many years, she hadContinue reading “A Window to the World”

Secrets of the Emerald Circle

Behind the fans, the makeup and the courteous demeanour, envious sisters plot eternal revenge. It had been brewing for years, they had worked hard on their façade, in fact that is what had made them famous – rich and famous, but that was not enough, nowhere near enough. Underneath it all lay secrets and liesContinue reading “Secrets of the Emerald Circle”

Pudding Surprise

He looked at his phone, turned pale, then quickly left the room. She watched him, smiling. Her plan was working, she would get her own back and he wouldn’t know what had hit him. That would teach him to stick his wick in another candle, and especially just before Christmas. She loved Christmas and thisContinue reading “Pudding Surprise”

The land of glass and night

Amelia pulled back the curtains, she wasn’t sure why people drew their curtains in the first place, there really seemed no point, as day and night merged together seamlessly, like black paint that had merged with grey. No one knew where one day started and the other one ended. Living in Tromsø, Norway during theContinue reading “The land of glass and night”

The Horse came back alone — Kashariyot

The Horse came back alone. It had always been a possibility but the fact Horse came back at all meant it had been a success. Three had set off Horse, Goat and Sheep, with names changed to mask their true identity. The journey had been arduous and no one really expected the mission to succeedContinue reading “The Horse came back alone — Kashariyot”

Death Head Ring

Albert’s weathered fingers brushed the raised surface of the silver ring and a tear slipped silently down his cheek. He rolled his index finger around the inside of the ring, each indentation of the inscription cutting deeper and deeper into his heart. The past seventy years had not eroded the memories attached to it andContinue reading “Death Head Ring”

Accidental Hero

“This is pathetic, I look stupid.” Gary pulled on the red underpants and looked discouragingly in the mirror. “Apart from anything else I’m going to catch my death, and that’s not to mention the people who are going to pee themselves laughing today.” Gary surveyed his crotch area mentally putting a shield around his netherContinue reading “Accidental Hero”

Sunset before Sunrise

The light shimmered and danced on the rippling waves and the undulations in the sand likened to the desert. Katie sat and pondered the mirage before her. The breeze played upon her scorched cheeks reminding her of the previous day. It seemed so surreal that less than 12 hours ago she had been standing onContinue reading “Sunset before Sunrise”