The Revenge

Amelia stared down at her iPad in disbelief, there he was, but more to the point there it was. A cold shiver coursed down her spine, sending her brain ricocheting in all directions. Suddenly her chest felt tight, and her heart pounded inside her rib cage. How could he do that?

Amelia zoomed in on the picture on Facebook, just to clarify her worst fears. Yep, there it was looking as gorgeous as the day her grandmother had given it to her. She still remembered the words she had said to her. “Take care of it my dear, only wear it when you have met the one. It has served me well, me and your grandfather were married 51 years until his passing, and he gave me that ring on the day he proposed. Keep it safe my dear.” She had tried, she thought she had found the one but how wrong could she be. Now he had the ring, or more to the point she had the ring, and she was flaunting it like it was hers, the bare faced cheek of some people.

After they split, she had taken the ring off and put it on the side, the next time she looked it had gone. She had hunted high and low for it but had never found it. She had been suspicious that he had taken it but how could she prove it? Now she knew who had it she had to get it back. She had cried too many tears over losing it to just leave it, it was rightly hers and she wanted it back. She had thought about the Police, but how could she prove it was hers, what if they did not believe her? It was not worth a huge amount it was the sentimental value, something that ‘Miss look at my ring’ would never understand.

A week later Amelia sat outside Alfonzo’s; she could see the two of them sat there. She just had to wait for ‘Miss look at my ring’ or Sophie as Rob was referring to her on Facebook as, went to the toilet. She did not have to wait long, she rushed in the restaurant door signaling to the waiter that she needed to rush to the bathroom and shouting that she would be back. Thankfully, Rob was seated at the other end of the restaurant to the door and the toilet which he had his back to. Casually walking in Amelia went to wash her hands, she waited patiently for Sophie to exit the toilet and go to wash her hands.

“Oh, what a beautiful ring.” She enthused to the pretty red head that stood by the side of her.

“Thank you, I’ve just got engaged.” Sophie wriggled her fingers in Amelia’s face, flashing off the diamond ring. “It was my Fiancé’s Nanny’s, how sweet is that?”

“Hmmm interesting.”

“What’s interesting?” Sophie looked at Amelia puzzled.

“It matches mine, look.” With that Amelia raised her fist, which caught Sophie square on the nose, sending her flying backwards and ending up dazed on the floor. Amelia scooped down and pulled the slightly too big ring off her finger and sauntered out the door. A tirade of “Stop thief, get her” could be heard coming from the bathroom as she exited the restaurant unchallenged. She clocked Rob turn in her direction at the sound of his Fiancée’s voice, so she waved and smiled and held her head high.

Once home she knew what was to come as she heard a ring on the doorbell. So, she would have a criminal record, it was a small price to pay to have her ring back.


One thought on “The Revenge

  1. Another great piece of writing, Tina! Fast paced, my heart raced as the story enticed me to read on to find out what happened next. I loved your feisty protagonist and the superb twist in the tale ending, which I always look forward to reading!


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