First Impressions

I’m watching you sitting opposite me, but you are totally oblivious, you have no idea and I reckon you wouldn’t even care if you did. I saw you a few minutes ago, your bodies morphed into one as you both shuffled down the tunnel to catch the tube. His arm draped around your shoulders, both dressed in black, so it was hard to see where one body started and the other one ended.

My first impression was, how in love you must both be, but now I’ve seen you up close I realise that this is not the whole reason for you to be huddled close together. I’m not saying you’re not in love, but it is pretty obvious you are both propping each other up. Him propping you up more than the other way around. Even now, sat on the train you are nestled in his shoulder, neither of you speaking. Your pale, porcelain face, emotionless. Your eyes flutter closed, unable to hold the weight of the world but still your makeup is perfect and I wonder just how you manage it. Your boyfriend repeatedly nips his columella nasi between his fingers telling me you are both in a dark place. I wonder what your story is to make you want to blot out reality.

The train grinds to a halt at the end of its journey and once again you shuffle off together. I wonder if either of you is aware of what’s going off or if you are just going through the motions. I want to reach out and help but I know it’s futile. I wonder what you’re doing right now, I hope you are still alive.


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