First Impressions

I’m watching you sitting opposite me, but you are totally oblivious, you have no idea and I reckon you wouldn’t even care if you did. I saw you a few minutes ago, your bodies morphed into one as you both shuffled down the tunnel to catch the tube. His arm draped around your shoulders, bothContinue reading “First Impressions”

A Professional through and through

Last year I achieved a childhood dream – to meet Martin Shaw aka Doyle in The Professionals, Judge John Deed, The Chief and recently The Long Call. It happened by chance on a day trip to Duxford War Museum, in Cambridge, a favourite with my family. It was a beautiful day in August and weContinue reading “A Professional through and through”

Make someone smile

You’re too thin, you’re too fat You’re too tall, you’re too short You’re self-opinionated, you’re too shy You’re too loud, you’re too quiet You’re not caring, you’re too caring You talk too much, you don’t talk enough These are things I hear every day about people. Why can’t people appreciate people for who they areContinue reading “Make someone smile”

Energy Company Greed

I am so angry that energy providers are once again hiking up prices to bail them out because oil prices have gone up, especially the major players. We are all taught to budget and put money away for a rainy day. Well this is their rainy day. British Gas profits rose to £172m for theContinue reading “Energy Company Greed”

The business of being a nobody

Having spent the past 20 years not working I have sometimes felt like a nobody. I reckon 90% of my friends have no clue what I did for a living before becoming a full time Mum. When you meet people the first thing they say is “What do you do?” When you say I’m aContinue reading “The business of being a nobody”

Degrees of goodness

I was talking the other day to someone about degrees of goodness.  We all like to think of ourselves as good in principle, whether it’s charitable work, looking after someone or just not being a bad person in general. But is it so black and white? Just because you do charitable work does that makeContinue reading “Degrees of goodness”