Finding Me – Tell me your story

I have changed so much over this pandemic that I no longer know who I am. I used to be outgoing, I loved a party and was never happier planning one, but now, I’m happy to stay in and see no one. I had my birthday this week and would have gone out with friends normally but this year I was quite happy going no where.

At the beginning of lockdown I gave up a voluntary job as Chair that I had been doing for the best part of 10 years. Until recently I had loved it, but dynamics changed and I knew that it was no longer for me. But now I am wondering who I am and how will the pandemic have affected me once normality resumes. The old saying goes that a leopard never change its spots but I wonder how many of us have changed out of all recognition?

Were you once a party animal and now a recluse? Or are you aching to get out there and party? I want to hear your story.

How have you changed? What’s different about you now to before? Was it lockdown that changed you? Maybe Covid has affected you? Have your financial circumstances changed which has had a mental impact on you. I want to know.

Please message me with your Finding Me story.


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